LifeWise Turkey Mini Starter for Puppy (Stage 1)


LifeWise Turkey Mini Starter for Puppy (Stage 1) is a scientifically balanced food for small breed puppies as their first solid food.

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LifeWise Turkey Mini Starter for Puppy (Stage 1) is formulated specifically for first stage growth in all small breeds. Puppy Starter should be used as the first solid food for all pups through to 6 to 16 weeks of age depending on the breed of dog. Small breeds develop quicker than larger breeds, so they transition at the early age. The transition age progressively increasing as the breed size increases to a maximum of 16 weeks for breeds with an eventual mature weight in excess of 40kg. It can be offered dry, or softened with a little warm water as soon as the pups start looking for additional food other than mother’s milk. Classified as a “gentle” food, Turkey Starter includes prime turkey, lamb and mixed vegetables, vitamins, minerals and essential oils which makes this a scientifically balanced holistic food specifically for all pups during that initial high growth rate stage of their development. The ingredient selection and balance is also specifically designed to encourage the development of a robust and diverse gut microbiome, an essential element for long term health and wellbeing.

This food also contains kelp, yeast extracts with added beta glucans for optimum intestinal health, plus Yucca schidigera extract.


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