Snooza Ultra Comfort Lounge


Snooza Ultra Comfort Lounge is an orthopaedic foam bed base with extra-soft faux fur sleeping area.

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Snooza Ultra Comfort Lounge is a luxurious and supportive bed, that features a calming, extra-soft ruffled faux-fur sleeping area surrounded by low-rise bolster walls. The non-slip bed base is made of anti-allergen Australian orthopaedic foam, which disperses the weight of your pet evenly, supportive of joints and hips, and is topped with a soft, fibre-filled cushion for extra comfort. The low surrounding bolsters make it easy to access the bed, and provide a resting place for the head and paws. This bed is good for sprawlers or those that like to curl up and nest a little too.

Covers are fully removable, replaceable and machine washable. The fibre-filled bolsters and cushion are also washable and refillable, made from SnoozaFill, a blend of recycled PET drink bottles and Australian foam crumb.


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